How to plan the perfect proposal

March 9, 2021

 It’s that time of year my friends. Yes the time when most proposals happen and that is Engagement Season. Most of all engagements happen between December and February making Christmas day and Valentine’s day the most popular days for engagements. As this season is winding down, we know proposals happen year round. So- here is everything you need to know to plan for the perfect proposal.

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Make sure you are on the same page

  1. The first step to proposal planning is, make sure you are on the same page. There’s nothing worse than one partner in the relationship who constantly talks about marriage and the other sits in silence. Have the conversation about getting engaged, be open and honest. If you are in a relationship and one person doesn’t want marriage as an end goal and it’s something that is very valuable to you, then maybe that’s not the right relationship for you in the long run.
  2. In order to plan your proposal, DO have the conversation with your partner’s guardians. After all- they are going to be your future in-laws. I’m all about ‘keeping it old school’.

Have an engagement piece

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3. I say ‘piece’ because I think every couple is unique, but the most popular choice is a ring. I know what you’re asking, how the heck do I know what size and style to buy before I propose? OK Listen up. If you and your partner are discussing marriage, by all means honey you don’t give them clues to what you maybe want, you straight up tell them. Say, ‘I love oval diamond rings and a rose gold band.’ Or honestly have a pinterest board and make sure you tell your best friend so your partner can ask your best friend what you like. Maybe you have no idea what you like, go to an engagement ring store with your best friend or even fiancé and look at rings together. As far as size, you can always check your partner’s current jewelry rings and measure one or take it with you to a jewelers. Remember, you can always get a ring resized.

Get your ring insured

4. Keep the ring safe and get insurance for it right away. If you get a ring and have to hide it in your home where you both live I highly suggest to really think about that hiding place. Be smart about it.

Say what?

5. What will you say? When you are planning your proposal, consider what you are going to say. You only get one shot at this, so don’t mess it up, HA! JK, chances are you will be so nervous you will forget everything you want to say. I suggest writing down what you want to say during your proposal to make the moment special, but by all means, if all that comes out of your mouth is ‘Marry me’, I promise your partner will be swooned. 


6. How will you Propose? Will you get down on one knee? Will you pop it in a donut and give it to your sweetheart in bed, will you book a photographer to capture the moment, will it be in a public place, maybe at the park where you had your first date. No matter how simple or extravagant your proposal is-plan it out. And make sure the moment is just right. If you go out to dinner and you planned it then, but maybe suddenly your partner got a stomachache- I suggest postponing it and waiting until the perfect moment.

7. Once your partner says yes. Make out like crazy and celebrate!

Announcing your proposal

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8. Take your sweet time doing this and soak it all in. Re-live your proposal over and over because it was magical. Once you have your little moment, I think, call me traditional, the best next step is telling your closest family and friends with an actually phone call, zoom call, facetime, or phone call, is best! Then you can start texting people and THEN announce on social media. I know how excited you are to tell the world but let it be personal for just a moment in time. Because once that proposal announcement comes, all your friends and family are going to ask this next question: when’s the wedding? 

And guess what- you don’t need to have an answer- you don’t have to know your date or venue or guest list- just simple say, right now were enjoying our engagement. Your proposal doesn’t last long, believe me when I say: enjoy every minute of it. 

So my friends- go forth and start panning those proposals! If you need my help- hollar.

In the meantime, stay creative and be legendary. 

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