Planning a Wedding During Covid

February 24, 2021

Today we are discussing a HOT HOT HOT topic and that is planning a wedding during the pandemic of Covid-19. 

Yes, my friends, if you are newly engaged or are an existing couple that is waiting for the news and answers to start planning your wedding during the pandemic then this blog is for you. 

This has been a very heavy year for not only couples but our event industry because of Covid-19. As a wedding planner I literally LIVE AND BREATHE for serving people. I am in the hospitality business and gratefully in the business of weddings. If you are new to the wonderful world of weddings, due to the Covid-19, many people’s weddings have been cancelled or postponed. That includes locally, internationally, the entire wedding community has been rocked because of the pandemic. 

So here we are. What is next. And I wish I had ALL the answers for you, but I don’t. What I do have are some suggestive solutions to prepare for, because that’s my job. Is to come up with reasonable solutions for your wedding day. 

Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the great about wedding planning during Covid-19. 

The bad: 

We don’t know how long this pandemic will last. With a new political party in office, we are not sure if policies and measures will change our state of affairs. These are what I call uncontrollables

Because of all these uncertainties, you don’t know how it will affect your wedding day. 

Now let’s talk about the good: 

There are wonderful wedding planners working very hard for you! Hello Ivy weddings and Events! Talk to one! We’ve been through this tough year and even more difficult situations, we will know how to navigate you through this. 

Another good thing is that you can still legally get married. That’s good right?! The world has not stopped love and it has stopped marriage. That is fantastic. 

Right now, here are some options you can consider and some things to know for your wedding day while planning during Covid-19.  

If you are a couple who is considering changing your wedding plans, here are some options. 


  • If you have a wedding DURING Covid-19, and are considering postponing, here is what you should do. Contact your venue right away and check to see their available dates in 2021 or 2022. Because so many 2020 weddings have been postponed, a lot of 2021 dates have indeed been taken. Once you have a backup date, talk to your partner and family to have a serious discussion. Changing your wedding date does not come lightly and you should really make that choice together. 
  • Once you decide to postpone your wedding with a new date with your venue, contact your vendors right away if you have already contracted them. Some may or may not have the date available. Would that affect your choice to change the date? If you have an amazing planner or photographer that can’t be there for your new date, would you be ok with someone they suggest?  Also some vendors may require an additional fee to change the date. Do take that into consideration as well. And read your contracts. 
  • Then notify your guests. Get their emails, and email each household to ensure they have received your email, call them. Especially if you have elders in your group that may not have an email address or check it regularly. Then if your budget allows, send a new save date. Also update your wedding website if you have one. 
  • Ok you’ve postponed the date, contacted your guests and vendor team. Now what. Honestly enjoy your engagement!! Remember that sparkle feeling you got when you said yes! Do that!! And honestly, if you want to sit and watch reruns of Friends while eating an entire tub of chunky monkey ice cream, honey, you do you. It’s ok to feel all the feels. 
  • Celebrate- have a postponement party with your closest friends and family, because your wedding celebration just got an extension so it’s the perfect time to continue to celebrate your love story. 

Still not sure if an entire postponement during Covid-19 is right for you? Here’s some other options: 

  • Elope. Growing in popularity, you can choose to have a ceremony with just you, your partner and an officiant.  Because this requires a very small guest list, you can incorporate a wild adventure into this planning. Want to hike on top of a mountain- do it! Want to dance in the sand dunes of Glamis- do it. The possibilities are endless
  • Have ‘micro wedding; If you were planning in 2019, this term probably didn’t exist yet. Whether you call it micro, intimate. Small, pixie, this style requires cutting your guest list to have only about 30 people. What is awesome about a micro wedding is you can really create an extravagant wedding experience still, but celebrating with your closest family and friends. If you already booked your vendor team, you can still use them! Pretty cool right? Maybe you don’t have your entire bridal party with their bouquets, but use your deposits and create a beautiful floral tablescape. Get those upgraded napkins, plates and glassware for dinner, enjoy a 6 course menu for dinner. Beef up your party. This not only ensures you do not lose your vendor deposits, but it goes toward a beautiful experience for both you and your guests. 

iamlatreuo photo

  • Wed now- party later. Still want to keep your original date? Do it. Many couples decide to still have a small wedding ceremony on their original date but postpone the big reception. 
  • Have a virtual wedding! Raise your hand if you hopped on a zoom call this year? I know I had a TON! You may have edler guests or high risk guests that were planning on traveling to your wedding and don’t feel comfortable attending and that’s ok. You can opt to have a zoom ceremony and talk to your guests virtually. Maybe you even have a micro wedding dinner party too. But I will say, make sure to do a rehearsal for your zoom! There’s nothing worse than going live with your vows and having technical glitches- YIKES! 

Lorely Meza Photo

Whether you are planning a wedding during Covid-19 or wanting to postpone your wedding during this pandemic, I just want you to know you have options! And do what’s best for you at the end of the day. Do make sure to check with your local county officials on what the laws are for hosting any type of event. The rules are changing you guys! 

Thanks for joining me today. 

Stay creative, and be legendary.

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