What to do after your engagement

March 15, 2021

You’re engaged, Congratulations! Cue the festivities! You probably have a million questions swirling in your mind for wedding plans and I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what’s next? So let’s dive into what to do after your engagement.

Step 1: Announcing your engagement

Let everyone know you just got engaged! BUT before you tell the world wide web of social media, I suggest you personally call or text your families first, and then your closest friends. I think it’s very traditional, polite and everyone will appreciate it.

Step 2: Take a selfie

My Engagement in Cassis, France

That is~ a ring selfie. It’s really fun to look back on the first hours, days after you get engaged because everything is magical and you truly feel like you’re on cloud 9. Everyone is going to want to see the bling so have a few photos to share.  


Throw the ‘F’ word around. I’m talking about the word, ‘FIANCÉ!’ Yes you are no longer, just a boyfriend or girlfriend and you may always be ‘Bae’, but you will ONLY be ‘Fiancé’ for a moment in time, so throw that f-word around as much as possible.

Get ring insurance

If you haven’t already done this before your engagement, get ring insurance! I cannot stress how important this step is. Accidents happen people! Garbage disposals LOVE new rings. 

Size matters

Get your engagement ring sized. It’s ok if your bling doesn’t quite fit right, therefore, you can go to any jeweler and get it sized. Remember, this could take up to 5-10 days to complete. So MAKE SURE you are not planning an engagement party during that time because you will want to show off your new bling. 

Start gathering wedding ideas

Think about the type of wedding you want, for example, is it small, is it big, is it near or is it far. For instance, what season is it in? All these ideas will help determine how much you need to plan and ultimately what your wedding budget will be.

Snag my wedding budget guide

wedding budget guide

Ivy Weddings and Events Wedding Budget Guide

Determine your budget. This is the most important during your engagement. You need to ask yourself, who’s contributing to what. How much do you need to save. Write out your guest list. Your guest list will play a large role in your overall budget. How much is an average wedding cost these days, you ask? Well, on average, for a 100 person wedding I suggest a starting budget of 33k. If that number surprises you, I highly suggest talking to a wedding planner and doing some research about what percentage of that budget goes towards what vendors, you may be surprised on the cost of services.

Save your date(s)

Did you notice how I say date(s)? Have a few options in mind. Especially planning a wedding right now in 2021, you will notice many dates being taken up since weddings have been pushed back from Covid. Should you  find the perfect venue and your date is not available, would you still choose the venue for another date? I always suggest having a few you love. Furthermore, before officially confirming that date, do ask your inner circle of family and friends if they are free on that date also. If your brother is walking you down the aisle and has his BAR test that day, he may not be walking you down the aisle… Just an example. 

Hire a wedding planner

This is my FAVORITE AND MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Hire a wedding planner. Yes even before you book your venue. Our job is to save you time and stress! So before you google search 100 venues, talk to a pro, we will venue match for you. We can provide you with insightful information on venues as well as things you may have never considered or thought of. 

Book your wedding venue

Did you know that some venues can be booked 2 years in advance? If you are surprised by this, it is no intention to scare you or make you feel discouraged. A lot of this has to do with timing. So if you have the time to be engaged, and still need to save before you get deep into wedding planning, maybe 2 years out is no biggie to you. 

Enjoy your engagement

This is a good start before we dive into full wedding planning mode. So if you’re engaged, for right now this is what I want you to do- have a ridiculously good time and enjoy your engagement ! 

Thanks for joining me today you guys! As always, stay creative and be legendary.

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