2021 Wedding Trends

February 23, 2021

Dear 2021 Brides and Grooms-ANYTHING goes! Your 2021 wedding trends are bold and beautiful.

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Wedding Attire

First, let’s talk about bride and groom attire for 2021 and what trends you will see. For brides, Big Sleeves. In other words, your mom called from the 80’s she wants her wedding dress back. We are seeing poofy bishop sleeves everywhere and I’m loving it. The bigger the better baby. Big Sleeve energy.

2021 Wedding Trends. Big sleeve gowns.
2021 wedding trends- Big Sleeve Dresses

Gown by Lovers Society

In addition, tea length and simplistic styles that are typically associated with more of an elopement style ceremony are going to be popular. That is to say less is more when it comes to bridal style, and you’re going to see less flare and more sleek, simple styles for 2021 trends. 

For the grooms

Meanwhile, grooms are going to be bold, colorful, and more personalized than ever before. 

2021 Wedding Trends for Grooms
Wedding at La Arboleda

Florals and decor

Bigger is not always better for these wedding trends. In contrast, bride bouquets are getting more petit, and more intentional. For instance, expensive dahlias and roses or peonies are being requested instead of filler greenery. I predict that ceremony decor is going to be simple landscape nature backdrops and very decorated ceremony spaces.  

You are going to see 2 major color spectrums for 2021 wedding trends

  1. Neutral color palettes
  2. Really bold colorful palettes

And similarly, you will see a monochromatic blend in those two realms. 

The unexpected

Did you ever think balloons would be big in the wedding world? These aren’t just for kids anymore! Balloon installations are the newest craze and they are getting more sophisticated. In short, this is a trend I am surprised by however, I’m learning to love it. 

2021 Wedding Trends Balloons

(Balloonique Designs)


Most importantly, you are going to see individual packed options for guests and you are going to see more controlled environments like plated dinners.  As people choose to have smaller weddings they may choose to really go for it for their menu and add some courses or upgrade dishes. 

2021 Pantone colors

We cannot talk about 2021 wedding trends without talking about this year’s pantone colors. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. I wasn’t sure if I liked these at 1st but then they grew on me.  Now with the styles moving towards modern, we are going to see it in a whole new way, redefined and I’m excited of what designers will come up with. As a result, I think you are going to see the modern meets vintage vibes.

2021 pantone color. pantone color.

Elopements & micro weddings are here to stay

Does anyone like to term micro? I think scientifically it makes sense, but there’s nothing micro about it. A micro wedding will cost you less because there are less people, and there may be less services, however don’t expect services to cost less. If your photographer is booked for an 8 hour day, they are not going to charge you less because it’s less people. And certainly not your planner. I think in fact micro weddings are going to be grander because you now have the funds to put towards a better dinner, more flowers, get the nicer liquor in your bar package and similarly have money now for that champagne toast. In conclusion, I think micro trends are going to be very fun to plan still.

Stationary is more popular than ever. For instance, if you didn’t have a budget for stationery items, now is the time, especially if you are having a smaller wedding. These items really tie your wedding details together.

2021 Wedding Trends Stationary

Stationary by Model Paper Design

As always, stay creative and be legendary! 

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