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A Grammy winning Elopement

September 27, 2021

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Modern Beach Elopement

Lesbian Love.

Who else can say they’ve won a grammy and had their perfect beach elopement all in one year?

None other that Rickie and Kaydence. They met on a little dating app called ‘Tinder’ in New York. Some meets and greets later, Kaydence decided to pack her bags and move to Los Angeles to pursue her music career as a songwriter. Without a plan, a place or much money in her pocket, Kaydence began her passion of songwriting. 

Known in the music industry as Caso and Kaydence, this power couple has written their way to the top of the music charts. With true talent, grit and a whole lot of love, Caso and Kaydence have officially made their love permanent and their songs heard globally. 

Back in New York, Rickie felt that something was missing. She headed for L.A. to pursue Kaydence and thus their love story unfolded. 

Song writing was not the only bond these two shared, but they had an affinity for loving animals. With an ‘adopt don’t shop’ motto, they quickly grew their fur family. 

Dog wedding. Gay Wedding. Lesbian elopement. Beach elopement.
A Fur Family Affair

The Beach Elopement

With their wedding originally planned for 10/10/20, it was a shock when we had to postpone their plans due to the Coronavirus, and with most of their family living in New York, it seemed impossible to have them travel. After researching several venues on the the West Coast, they finally set their new date for their beach elopement on 6/11/21 in the beautiful coastal town of Carpinteria, California at Rincon Beach Club.

Carpinteria, California

Grammy Winners…Speaking of Beyoncé

During wedding planning, Caso and Kaydence lost 2 of their best fur friends. Months apart, two of their dogs passed away. But grief works in mysterious ways, because through trials; triumph occurred. Beyonce’s ‘Black Parade’ album went to the top of charts in the summer of 2020 during the Black Lives Matters movement. ‘Black parade’ received the most song nominations at the 2021 Grammys, and won the Grammy for R&B song of the year; all written by Rickie ‘Caso’ Tice and Kaydence Krysiuk. They officially became Grammy winners.

Honoring their success, they adopted a new puppy, thus naming him, Grammy. 

dogs and weddings

Billboards in New York

As California finally opened up for events in May of 2021, we quickly set forth to complete their wedding planning, only to change their celebration to an intimate elopement of only 10 on the beach in Carpinteria. At the start of June, also pride month,  Kaydence was featured on her first Billboard in New York City as Spotify’s artist of the month. This is full circle. With a day complete with weed bus transportation, their fur family in tow, these two ladies married on a purrrfectly sunny afternoon in California. 

Check out our guide to planning your elopement today!

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After Party
Dog Cake, dog wedding cake
Dog wedding cake

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